HELLO EVERYONE!  Who doesen´t like questbars, if you have tried of course! In this post I will show my favorites and link to them at both and

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Here are my favorite quest bars!

At IHERB.COM all of the packs cost $26,78 each and the shipping is $4.

At VITACOST.COM  all of the packs cost $24.99 and the shipping is $8.


  1. Chocolate chip cookie douch
  2. White chocolate raspberry
  3. Cookies n´cream
  4. Cinnamon roll
  5. Double chocolate chunk
  6. Strawberry cheesecake
  7. Vanilla Almond Crunch


You just gotta love QUESTBARS! For info about HOW TO ORDER AT go to THIS post and read it step by step!



Skjermbilde 2014-09-29 kl. 11.49.32IMG_0684



Red currant filled pancake rolls


Ingredients pancakes 

– 1 egg
– 30 gram oats/any kind of flour.         I used gluten free oat-flour from iHerb. HERE. cost $4.
– a splash milk
– 1/2 banana or 50 gram yoghurt/quark
– 20 gram vanilla protein.                      I used THIS Vanilla Cream from iHerb. Pic below.

The filling
– Red currants ( as much as you want)
– 100 gram yoghurt/quark
– 10 gram vanilla protein.                         I used THIS 100% soy protein vanilla from iHerb.
– 1 tbsp erythritol ( sweetner)                  I used THIS sugar replacement from iHerb.


Directions :
– Mix all the ingredients for the pancake and fry it on a pan with butter/oil!
– Mix the ingredients for the filling to make an red-currants cream!
– Spread the cream over the pancake, and roll it, and cut into pieces! 




You can use this vanilla protein powder instead of the soy too! 

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Ingredients to 4 previous healthy treats !

I am going to write more detailed how to make this 4 healthy protein treats! Step by Step!

And I will link to the products I used ( all bought at iHerb ) if you are interested in making them the precisely same way as I did! 🙂


I also write alternatives you can replace with, but at the bottom I will show a pic of mine ingredients!

Will start by tell that if you never have ordered at before, you can use the discount code QJJ366″ to get $10 off free!


Here you see where to paste the code, before you pay!

Here is the four recipes I will give you and show where to order the products! ( you can also replace it with things you already have at home)


First layer: 

1⃣- Mix together 1 scoop chocolate protein powder by choice together with 1 spoon cacao and a little bit milk! I also added 1/2 tbsp stevia chocolate. 

2⃣- Add enough puffed wheat/oats/rice until you get a thick mix!

3⃣- Spread the chocolate mix in the bottom of any form/square/box.

Second layer

4⃣- Mix together 100 gram yoghurt/ natural yougjurt/quark with 1 scoop strawberry protein powder.

5⃣- Spread it over the first layer and set in the freezer as long as you want !

6⃣- Take it out any enjoy these cold delicious protein bars!


1⃣- Blend 1 banana and as much peanutbutter as you want until creamy.

2⃣- Add 20-30 gram peanut flour and a little bit milk and stir around.

3⃣- Take this banana-pb mix into ice-cream forms or a cup

4⃣- Add a spoonful of the strawberry jam before you fill it with the rest of the banana-pb mix. You can mash strawberries and use that to or any jam!

5⃣- Set in the freezer for minimum 45 minutes! And then take them out and enjoy these healthy delicious popsicles!



First layer

1⃣- Add 1 scoop chocolate protein with 1 spoon cacao! Also add 1/2 tpsp of chocolate stevia delight! Or any other sweetner.

Then add enough milk to make a thick cream! Be aware to not take too much liquid!

2⃣- Mix in 30 gram of oats or puffed kamut cereal/ what/ rice/ oats. More/less if needed!

3⃣- Spread this layer in the bottom of a form.

Second layer

4⃣- Spread over enough strawberry jam to cover the first layer! I used some spoonfuls of the fifty 50 sugar free strawberry jam! Because it´s like a jelly-ish jam! so yummy! But you can also use any jam or mashes berries.

Third layer:

5⃣- Mix together 30 gram peanut flour or peanut protein powder with a splash of any milk! If you want you can also add some peanutbutter to get it more creamy!

6⃣- Set in the freezer as long as you bother to wait!

4. HEALTHY CARROTCAKE WAFFLES – With protein ice-cream

The waffle: 

1⃣- Rasp 1 carrot and put it in a bowl together with 1 egg and 40 gram oats ( oat-flour can be bought here)

2⃣- Add 1 tbsp cinnamon , sweetener as desired and a little bit milk before you blend it together with a food mixer.

3⃣- Put the dough for the waffles in a waffle iron! ( or make pancakes of it if you don’t have a waffle iron )

Protein icecream:

4⃣- Add 100 gram natural youghurt/quark/greek yoghurt and 1 scoop vanilla protein powder in a bowl.

5⃣- Cover it and set into the freezer for 10-40  minutes! As longer as better!

6⃣- Top your healthy waffle with the delicious vanilla ice cream!



Here you see some of the ingredients I have from iHerb and that I used to make this healthy treats! I will link to all of the products again ( you find them by clicking at the link in the recipe) and I will write a little bit about them!


– Strawberry Cream, Chocorite Protein 14.7 oz (418 g). HERE. This protein powder is one of the best in taste I ever tried! It taste like a dream, perfect sweet and the perfect taste! If you use this protein powder and add it together with a cup of yoghurt , it turns out like a delicious strawberry tasting pink cream! No words to describe!! It is also sugar free!

-Puffed Kamut Cereal, 6 oz (170 g). HERE – This one is not pictures, but is puffed Kamut Cereal, that is perfect to use in the bars!             It is all natural and fat, salt and sugar free!  Used this one in recipe 3 too!

– 100% Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate 2 lbs (907 g). HERE. This protein powder is one of the cheapest ever possible to get, Love that! And in addition it taste very good as well as it contains much protein! It´s perfect to build muscles, and cook healthy things with!   I used this is recipe 3 too! 

– Muscle Milk, Chocolate, 39.5 oz (1120 g) . HERE. Ah I love this protein powder! It get the perfect mixture when you stir it around with a little bit milk, and the taste is to die for! Perfect to use in thousands of recipe, I do it aaall the time! And what´s the greatest with this in addition to the protein and taste, is that it is Lactosee-Free! Love that! It is also Naturally and Artificially Flavored!  I used this in recipe 3 too! 

IN RECIPE 2 & 3. 

– Peanut Flour, 16 oz (453 g). HERE. – This is a lower fat peanut flour that is high in protein! It is perfect to cook and bake healthy things with! 

– Peanut Butter, Creamy, 18 oz (510 g). HERE – This peanut butter is natural and super yummy! I really love the creamy consistency and of course the taste too!

-Strawberry Jam, sugar free 12 oz (340 g). HERE– This strawberry jam is kind of jelly-ish and taste really good! It is also without sugar, so perfect!


– Vanilla Cream, Whey protein 2.00 lbs (907 g) HERE. This vanilla protein powder is amazing! If you have a boring yoghurt, it is just to add a little bit of this, and it taste amazing at the same as you get a lot of protein! This one is also so cheap, like impossible to get any cheaper, so I was curious about the taste, but I got surprised! So yummy! I used this to make the ice-cream to the waffles in recipe 4!


– Vanilla, Naturally Flavored Liquid Stevia. HERE. I used a drop of this in all of the recipes! This is 100% Natural and zero calories and zero carbs!

–  Chocolate Powder, Flavored Stevia Delight, 4.2 oz (120 g) HERE. I used 1/2 tpsp of this in both recipe with chocolate, the number 1 and 3!











Hello! In this post I will write about some of my favorite questbars!

To find all at you have to search for “Quest protein” And they cost only $26.78. 

I have also linked to the product! Like at “here” or click at any of the pics to get to the bar!

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This one is my absolute favorite number 1! It taste simply amazing and I can´t get enough! Here you can se it baked in the oven for some minutes! Really amazing! In addition it is as much as 21 g protein in one, and they are gluten free!

COOKIE DOUGH for the win!!! I literally have been eating one a day!! It is a delicious habit!! This flavor is like magic in your mouth! Your taste buds will thank you for days after eating this! I kid you not when I say this….and that I eat one a day!! If you haven’t tried this flavor, please order some – See more at:



White Chocolate Raspberry here.




I just bought this and it was actually so much better than expected! One of my favorites!<3 Taste really yummy and the bites of white chocolate is absolutely amazing!


Double Chocolate Chunk here





This questbar is also amazing ( note that all of this is really good, therefore I bought them)! If you like chocolate, you will definitely LOVE this! Someone may think that it taste a little bit like dark chocolate, but it does not! I really love this! and I don´t like dark chocolate!

Cinnamon Roll here

QST009_Xl Quest Cinnamon Roll Natural Protein Bar Close


The cinnamon roll questbar is like heaven! I had really not expected this one to be that good! And if you bake it in the oven it taste like real cinnamon rolls! Really amazing!


Cookies & Cream, here 



The newest of them all is this one! And it´s very good! I enjoy every single piece in my mouth! No waste of money at all! It taste kind of similar to oreo´s, not the same , but still good!

Chocolate Brownie, here



Quest-Bar-Chocolate-Brownie-Protein-Bar-by-Quest-Nutrition-BoxQuest Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar Close


You must be a chocolate lover to like this! But if you are a truly lover of chocolte, this one will fall in taste! Dense, fudge-y deliciousness. This one reminded me of chocolate milk, in a weird way. Especially amazing after being heated up!

Banana Nut Muffin, here.QST007_Xl









Chocolate protein powders I have!

Hello everyone! In most of my recipes I use some of my chocolate protein powders!

They are PERFECT to make healthy , yummy and easy snack/desserts/ things with chocolate! And it´s also a good way to get more protein! I buy all my chocolate protein powders at , very cheap! They are 3 times as cheap as in my country 😮

You can  use the discount code “QJJ366” to get $10 free at your first buy!

Here is a list of all the CHOCOLATE protein powders I have! 

1. Cytosport, Inc, Genuine Muscle Milk, Chocolate, HERE. Cost $32.80/ € 24.01 and you get 39.5 oz / 1120 g powder.

2. 100% Soy Protein, Dutch Chocolate, HERE. Cost only $21.59€15.83 and you get 2.08 lb/ 945g powder.

3. EAS, 100% Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate , HERE. Cost only $24.54/ € 17.96 and you get 2 lbs/907 g powder.

4. Soy Protein Isolate, Natural Chocolate, HERE. Cost only $22.94 /€ 16.79 and you get 2 lbs/907 g powder.

5. Chocolite Protein, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, HERE. Cost only $15.36 /€ 11.24 and you get 14.7oz /418 g powder.

6. Elite Gourmet Protein, Swiss Chocolate, HERE. Cost only $23.18 /€ 17.70 and you get 2 lbs/907 g powder.

7.  Chocolite Protein, Chocolate Supreme,HERE.  Cost only $15.36 /€ 11.24 and you get 14.7oz /418 g powder.

8. Twinlab, Triple Thick Chocolate , HERE. Cost only $11.41 /€ 8.35 and you get 10.93oz /310 g powder




This protein taste amazing! Love the deep and good chocolate taste! Perfect to cook with and make yummy and healthy things full of protein!  It´s also lactose free , have 20 Vitamins & Minerals and it´s Naturally and Artificially Flavored.



This protein is completely vegan ( for those who care ) and per serving you get 25 gram protein , and 0 gram sugar and colestrol. As one of the few complete vegetable protein sources, soy proteins are suitable for vegetarians and contain all of the essential amino acids in levels sufficient to help support muscle growth and development. And when it comes to the taste I´m so surprised, it taste amazing! Really yummy and it is good and easy to cook with!




This EAS protein powder is now in a new and improved good taste and it help build muscles! You get 26 gram protein per serving and all is natural! This also taste really good! It´s my favorite protein to make healthy brownies with! People have asked about this taste because it´s almost too cheap to be true, but the taste is good quality of, I love it 🙂




This is my second Soy Protein, and I love this one too! Soy Protein Isolate is a good vegetable source of high quality complete protein that has an excellent amino acid profile. It mixes Easily, Tastes Great and gives you 25 gram protein per serving! In addition is it all Natural with No Aspartame and No Sucralose. I really love the taste as well as I love to cook with it. To make chocolate fluff this one is amazing!





Okey, this protein powder may be my ALL TIME FAVORITE!! Seriously, this is the one with the absolutely greatest taste ( and I even love all). It´s perfect to make healthy brownies ( taste like real brownies (you hear it in the name)) . And it´s a extra plus that it is sugarfree, and 25 g protein per serving and also 5g fiber! ChocoLite Protein Shake Mix also contains a superior natural prebiotic fiber called NutraFlora. NutraFlora feeds the good bacteria in the stomach.



Elite Gourmet Protein is so delicious it tastes like gourmet chocolate milkshake. It has also over 300 mg of calcium to support strong bones and optimal muscle performance. So treat yourself to the taste you crave while getting 21 grams of protein. Elite Gourmet is the ultimate lean muscle milkshake! I also love the consistency, and will definitely buy it again!





This is also really great like the other Chocolite. I love them both! but I lite the other one better than! But this one still has a really delicious taste and also no sugar! Benefits included : Improves mineral absorption including Calcium, Promotes a healthy digestive system and strengthens the immune system.




The last chocolate protein powder I´ve tried from is this one! Twinlab Whey Fuel is the perfect protein blend to add when your goal is to gain lean muscle mass or bulk up. Using a blend of quality protein sources, this advanced formula gives you maximum bang for the buck and has an unbelievable thick, rich taste. I have nothing bad to say about the taste, it´s really amazing! You really should try it , as well as they others!


If you don´t have ordered form before, I can tell you that it is really easy, cheap and 100% safe!

You can also use the discount code “QJJ366” to get $10 free! 



Here you see where to paste the discount code before you pay! 🙂

To come to the different protein powders , click at the PICTURES or where it stands HERE! 🙂




Hello ! Now it´s a long time since I last wrote a post. But thought I could write a view over all the protein powders I´ve tried from , Because I have bought so many different! You should try them ( the one´s that I love)! It´s very good to get extra proteins , and it´s perfect to cook and bake healthy things with!


Image Here is the different types of Protein Powders I have tried from Love most of them!! I will rank them under, from Top 1 ( MY FAVORITE ) to the one I didn’t like.


 1. Chocolite Protein, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Find it here,  Cost only € 11.21 / $15.36. This one taste so so amazing! If you make chocolate cakes, it taste like real brownies! The taste is so amazing! Can´t get enough! Really a must for me to have! It is also sugarfree and low in carbs. 

Image   2.  Chocolite Protein, Peanut Butter, Find it here,  Cost only  €11.21 / $15.36. This one also taste so so amazing! It´s perfect to use while making my healthy fudges , or to make peanut waffles/pancakes. It´s also good to eat plain and can be used to so much! Really taste so good, loooove it! 

Image 3. Soy Protein Isolate, Natural Chocolate, Fint it here, Cost only €16.74 / $22.94 , And it´s really big! Almost 1 kg! This protein is vegetables and taste amazing! It also haves a different consistence which I love! In addition the chocolate taste is amazing! perfect to bake cakes, chocolate cream , pancakes and so much more! Really recommend this one!!

Image 4. Chocolite Protein, Banana Cream, Find it here,   Cost only  €11.21 / $15.36. I can admit that I was a little bit sceptic, but I got so surprised! This one was amazing! Really loved the taste! It mix easily with milk and the taste turns out truly amazing! And the best thing, the taste is not fake at all! and it´s no sugar.

Image 5.Muscletech, Vanilla Cream , You find it here. Cost only € 17.19 /  $23.56, and the box is really big so it last for a long time! This vanilla protein powder is amazing! It taste so yummy! If you mix it with half frozen milk it taste like yummy milkshake! And it´s also perfect to make healthy protein ice cream with, vanilla cream, pancakes and so much more! Each scoop has 30g protein!

If it´s you first time ordering from iHerb, go in at this link and search for things to order. It´s a online health store with alot of cheap, good, yummy things!   And if you want to buy some of the protein powders I wrote about , just click at the link or at the PICS!!!!

And if you use the discount code “QJJ366” You save up to $10 at your first buy!   Look at he pic below to see how:

Image   Don´t care about that it stands $100, but you have to paste the free code there! – ANY QUESTIONS? ABOUTH THE PRODUCTS? HOW TO BUY IT OR MORE?


HELLO! HAPPY NEW YEAR ! 😀  I thought I could do a iHerb guide where I link to my favorite products and tell about the products I have tried.  HERE IS A LINK TO THE WEBSIDE WHERE YOU CAN BUY THE HEALTHY AMAZING THINGS ❤

WALDEN FARMS PRODUCTS – sugar, fat, carbs and calorie free


Chocolate syrup. $3.76 here. This one taste really good and you can use it on so much!

Caramel syrup. $3.76 here. This one is also very good and perfect to make caramelpudding ( pics on my instagram)

Pancake syrup. $3.76 here. This is also very good like the others syrups! I´m surprised over this cheap products!

Whipped Peanut Spread. $3.76 here. This one wasn´t that good. If I eat it I HAVE to mix it with alot of other stuff!

Marshmallow Dip.  $3.76 here. This one was NOT good. I thing it tasted fake and I don’t know how to eat it…. maybe small portion in smoothies but I havent tasted that..

Of this 5 products I will recommend to buy the 3 first! The 3 syrup´s because all of them are amazing :)) And with the discount code “QJJ366” you will get $5 – $10 free if it’s your first buy!

ATKINS BARS AND A QUESTBAR Healthy, Natural and really yummy bars!


This products are maybe my favorites above all! They taste so amazing and I think it’s just as good as normal chocolate bars, but those are healthy! You can eat them whenever you want to! LOVE ALL OF THEM SO SO SO INCREDIBLE MUCH!!!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar. here € 6.49 . This one is simply amazing! Seriously I love them!! And if you take them in the microwave for some seconds it’s even more amazing! It taste like cookies and have bites of healthy chocolates inside!

Peanut Butter Cups. € 4.34 here. I also think this peanut butter cups are so amazing and it taste fantastic! I’m empty for those now , but I 2 packs of them are on the way home to meee :DD This one has 0g sugar and only  2g net carbs!

Cookies n’ Creme Bar. € 6.49 here. OMG I love those! They have only 1g sugar and alot of protein! It taste similar to real ore´s! They are one of my favorites!

Questbar Double Chocolate Chunk € 19.47 here. This Questbar was perfect and special for those who like chocolate 🙂 It’s gluten free, only 1 g sugar and 20g of protein! It´s natural and one of the best snack you can get! If you bake it in the oven they will be more perfect!

I really recommend ALL of this bars and also the other bars from ATKINS and QUESTBAR! ❤ And with the discount code “QJJ366” you will get $5 – $10 free if it’s your first buy!



Crunchy Flax Cereal. € 2.73 here. This cereal is very cheap as you can see and it taste really good! I like to eat it plain with milk or on youghurts! It is gluten free, have much protein and fiber! In addition its no added sugar :))) If you are interest in other cereal take a look at this link here or here

Nesquik, Nestle, Chocolate Flavor, No Sugar Added. € 4.42 here. This one is also fantastic! It taste much similar to normal nesquik, but this one is without added sugar, so it’s healthy 🙂 And therefore you can drink it everyday! This one have saved my winter because now I could drink hot cacao/ hot chocolate everyday without guilt :)) So this one is a must now during the winter! It’s also perfect to drink cold with milk!

Organic Oat Bran, Pancake & Waffle Mix € 3.33 here. I use this pancakes mix alot to make healthy , quick and yummy pancakes! If you use it ,you just have to add a egg and a little bit milk, and then you have good pancakes! It also only have 1g sugar , so that is nothing! You can find several other pancake mix here.

All of this products are very useful to have on the kitchen, and it´s so cheap to buy them at!


Don’t care about that it stands $100! But here you can see where you have to paste the discount code “QJJ366” to save money!